XS 650 Bobber 2

Because we call ourselves Retro Write Up, it does not mean that we live in the past, ignoring the fantastic motorcycles currently available. Since Honda's revolutionary K0 750c of 1969, there have been better handling, better braking, better performing and generally better looking motorcycles produced every year. Nobody who truly suffers from the Two Wheeled

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El Demente

"El Demente" in Spanish, or "The Demented" in English, is an appropriate name for this insanely over the top custom creation which won overall first place at the 2012 Harley Davidson Bike Week (South Africa). Its creator and our friend Jacques from Open Road Customs, describes the bike as an old school boardtracker with new

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Overall custom winner at Bike week 2013

At Retro Write Up we feature high quality custom or restored motorcycles of all shapes and sizes. We support and respect the clever, low budget, home workshop created motorcycle just as much as those more sophisticated custom machines built by our homegrown South African professionals. We do not ever wish to judge or compare the

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Best of both R65

I am fortunate to be able to share in my two year old son's daily struggle to make sense of this bewildering, wonderful world. He has established all sorts of routines and patterns which give him security and comfort. Any deviation, even sitting in the wrong chair or drinking from the wrong bottle, may result

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Shovel Chopper

Flathead. Knucklehead. Panhead. Shovelhead. Ironhead. Blockhead. The insults keep flying but nobody seems to be getting angry. The reason is because those using these colourful words are merely speaking Harley. From the earliest times, Harley enthusiasts have given a nickname to every new reincarnation of the Harley V twin engine. The names originate from the

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Lambretta Scooter

If you were going to compete directly with the traditional motorcycle market by producing a motor scooter, would you hire someone who hated motorcycles as your chief designer? Probably not! When Ferdinando Innocenti decided to build scooters after WWII he appointed an aeronautical engineer, General D'Ascanio to make his dream of economical, reliable transport for

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CB175 Cafe Racer

Our featured motorcycle goes a long way to supporting the theory that "less is more". This nimble cafe racer started life as a Honda CB175 model which was built from 1969 until 1973. It has a twin cylinder, overhead camshaft four stroke engine, twin carbs, a five speed gearbox, electric start, indicators, twin leading shoe

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