Barry’s SR500

Did you know that, if you lived in Japan, you could still buy a brand new, fuel injected Yamaha SR400 off the showroom floor? Did you know that the SR400 and SR500 were both launched in 1978; the 400cc version was required to meet Japanese registration regulations for their domestic market? I did not know

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Sportster Cafe Racer

Harley Davidson has a rich motorsport history, mainly within the USA. Their engine design's inherent torque has made them hard to beat in drag racing and hill climb events. Harley are also the kings of flat track racing. These sporting  championships are very big in America. Harley Davidson has built its success on its large

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Bobbed Royal Enfield

"Its a small world but I don't want to have to paint it." These are the words of American comedian Steven Wright. The truth is, as communication around our globe  becomes almost instantaneous, we are forced to realize that we are perhaps all part of one huge dysfunctional global family. With this in mind, tolerance

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CB750- KCR

When Honda hit the market in 1969 with the CB750, the term  "superbike" was created to describe this revolutionary motorcycle. Was this  because it was the best performance motorcycle of its time? No. The Triumph and  BSA triples were faster and handled better but were more unreliable, leaked oil  and did not have the finish

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GS450 Suzuki

Sixty years ago, 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) was faster than most street legal vehicles could attain. A works GP racer like the AJS 7R was only good for between 180 km/h and 190 km/h. In the '50s the "Ton Up Boys" were a subculture of motorcyclists in the UK whose motorcycles were modified

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Bonneville 750 Cafe Racer

The current trend of building minimalist brat style bobbers can be rather distressing for people like myself who feel strongly about the preservation of older motorcycles. After all, with the stripping of wiring and removal of mounting points, there is absolutely no chance of reversing the process and recreating the original motorcycle. The end result

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Brat 750 Honda

It is said, if you hold on to an item of out of fashion clothing long enough it will eventually become fashionable again. Fashions and fads do seem to be cyclical, returning in a new improved reincarnation to be enjoyed by a new generation of people. Those of us who had the pleasure of enjoying

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Rory’s Steed

Modifying  or restoring a motorcycle at home is not for the weak and faint-hearted. The  lower the individual's technical skills level, the more difficult the task. Some  folks have an inherent understanding of things mechanical, most of us are all  thumbs. I speak from experience. My father was very good with his hands and  relished

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Brat Honda CX500

A crowning achievement for any brand or business is when their name becomes so commonly used that it becomes a verb or a noun. We "hoover" our carpets with many different makes of vacuum cleaner. People make a "xerox" of a document. We "google" information using a variety of search engines. The brand or business

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