Kawasaki W800 Road Test

Why do a road test of a stock standard motorcycle on a blog which specialises in featuring mainly old school style custom motorcycles and restored classics? Why bother testing a motorcycle which was launched in South Africa almost a year ago; with several print articles appearing in the major magazines? There are several reasons which

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Jim’s Lambretta TV175 Scooter

Most motorcyclists only make modifications to their motorcycles cosmetically for practical reasons. Superbikes, tourers and adventure bikes are enhanced to improve performance or rider comfort. A windscreen may be added for wind protection or heated grips installed to help protect the fingers from that intense, unabating pain we have all experienced on a winter ride;

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XS400 Brat tracker

Most of the traditional custom motorcycle styles sacrifice rider comfort in the name of looking absolutely fabulous. Riding a rigid bobber or old school chopper epitomises the freedom of the 1960s, but after completing 300km of a 700km ride, most of us, who are not blessed with cast iron butts and kidneys, would be questioning

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Angelo’s XS650

Long before mankind created written communication, symbols were used as a powerful form of communication. From crude markings on a cave wall to ornate statues, man has always felt the need to create and use symbols as an expression of his beliefs and his way of life. Wearing or carrying of symbols gives us a

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Peter’s Thruxton

The majority of the motorcycles that we feature, no matter how customised they may look, are mechanically standard. This is because many of the donor motorcycles, although cosmetically shabby, have sound engines and gearboxes. Overhauling a sound and reliable engine adds a great deal to the already high cost of building a custom motorcycle, no

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6 Fiddy XS650

As we head towards the end of the year and deadlines become tight to finish a mountain of work before the Christmas holidays, the motivation to sit and research and write articles about complicated custom motorcycles until late at night during the week is beginning to wane. The enthusiasm and passion is still there but

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