Suzuki GS750 Café Racer

When it comes to café racers built in the traditional style, there appears to be two distinctly different approaches developing. Both approaches are equally difficult to execute successfully and both provide us with very exciting motorcycles. The first approach is to build café racers from 1970's  or 1980's model motorcycles to look as if they

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Clive’s Triumph Scrambler

When a motorcycle is built to perform over unfavourable terrain, function is far more important than form. The rougher the anticipated terrain, the more specialised the required components and the less appealing the motorcycle will appear to those of us who are looking for smooth and uncomplicated lines. When BMW created the first adventure motorcycle

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Kevin’s Wrenchcafé Kawasaki GPZ750

The majority of the Japanese custom motorcycles that we feature are  built using 1970's underpinnings. Twinshockers are presently the norm as they tend to look more old school. It is therefore refreshing to feature a Japanese motorcycle which was built in 1983 and  which was one of the first motorcycles to herald  the change to

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Glenn’s Thruxton Street Tracker

Until relatively recently, a prize winning custom motorcycle was usually an awesome but completely unrideable or impractical work of art. Things have thankfully changed. Even choppers and bobbers are being built with less radical, more rideable American old school design cues. Owners of these custom motorcycles want to have a head turning original but also

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Henk’s Z1000

I try to remain unbiased when it comes to the motorcycles we feature but occasionally I allow my passion for a particular model to become apparent. This is one of those occasions. The Kawasaki Z900 and Z1000 of the 1970s earned the name "The King" and as far as I am concerned this king is

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BMW R100 Café Racer

We do not often get the opportunity to ride the motorcycles that we feature but occasionally the opportunity arises and we literally grab it with both hands. I popped in to V Custom Cycles on a Saturday morning to meet Marnitz who was going to take the photos of our featured motorcycle. He had unfortunately

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