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The current trend of considering every make, model, capacity and style of standard motorcycle as a potential candidate for an extreme makeover is a source of amusement for the older generation of motorcyclists. Back in the day there were unwritten rules about which motorcycles were worthy of customisation and what style was appropriate for these

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Barry’s R65 Bobber

Until relatively recently it was almost impossible to use the name BMW and the word bobber in the same sentence unless it went along the lines of, " BMW bobbers do not exist." After all, when bobbers were originally created by restless American soldiers returning from victory in WWII, the Germans were still struggling to

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The Gold Digger

Large diameter wheels with relatively skinny tyres, a rigid frame with a girder front suspension and a classic Harley Panhead motor may still not be enough for this exotic creation to meet our "Retro" criteria but we firmly believe it still deserves the "Write Up". The Gold-Digger is the latest motorcycle.custom to materialise from the

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