Wild Katana

I clearly remember the day I saw a Suzuki Katana for the first time. It was in 1981 in my parent's driveway. Three of my friends, who were still in matric, had bought new motorcycles and had come to show off their new toys to me. Mark was on a dark blue Kawasaki Z1000J, Claude

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650 Savage

The USA's approach to motorcycle design has traditionally been different from European and Japanese approaches. Wide open spaces, long straight highways and restricted speeds do not require sharp handling motorcycles with warp speed potential. Low revving, big capacity V twin motors with big torque are fitted to large, comfortable motorcycles with average handling and stopping

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Royal Enfield Bullet

Harley Davidson celebrates 110 years of uninterrupted existence in 2013. Triumph turned 110 in 2012 but did close down for a few years in between. For a brand name to survive this long is an amazing achievement, especially in the extremely volatile motorcycle market. Yet why do we not see T shirts, especially from the

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BMW Cafe R100

The person who first took a 1970s or 1980s BMW motorcycle and gave it the cafe racer makeover probably never realised what an effect this imaginative idea would have on the general perception of BMW motorcycles of this era. As a child growing up in the '60s and '70s in South Africa, I recall BMWs

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Slightly tweaked Bonneville

  Bonneville is the most legendary of all the Triumph models. Triumph started making motorcycles in 1903 and the culmination of years of manufacturing experience was the launch of their ultimate machine in 1959. Although by the time Triumph finally closed it's doors in 1983 the Bonneville had a 750cc capacity, it is the 650cc

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Clean SR500

Yamaha have always had an undying love affair with the two stroke motor. Even today, with the two stroke’s demise almost complete, there are rumours of Yamaha producing a new generation performance two stroke motorcycle. Based on this, Yamaha were slow to react to the competitive need for a four stroke powered motorcycle. The first

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Lean & Mean CB750K

  The Honda CB 750 Four was launched in 1969 and was the first motorcycle to be referred to as a “superbike”. A transverse, four cylinder, single overhead cam motor had never before been available in a mass produced motorcycle. A front disc brake, electric start, kill switch, dual mirrors, 4 into 4 exhaust, 65

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67′ Vintage V7

  Moto Guzzi have recently launched the V7 café racer as the flagship of their V7 range. Although the café racer is a very cool off-the-floor option, it only is available in one colour scheme with the tank chromed and the frame colour best described as “nail varnish” maroon. Nothing wrong with the above if

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Barebones Sporty

Since their launch in 1957 the Sportster model series has battled to step out of the shadow cast by the “Big Twin” models for which Harley Davidson is known. Big model Harley owners in the USA were derogatory about the launch of the baby brother, labelling the Sportster as a “ladies bike”. Unfortunately this label

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