The USA’s approach to motorcycle design has traditionally been different from European and Japanese approaches. Wide open spaces, long straight highways and restricted speeds do not require sharp handling motorcycles with warp speed potential. Low revving, big capacity V twin motors with big torque are fitted to large, comfortable motorcycles with average handling and stopping power. Most US manufacturers and especially Harley Davidson have used this recipe for their products with great success in the American market and more recently world wide. These American motorcycles were also modified into the original bobbers of the 1940s and the choppers of the 1960s. Harley did introduce the Sportster to counter British motorcycle sales in the US but even the Sportys are obviously American in their styling.


The Japanese manufacturers began an all out effort in the mid 1980s to penetrate the US market with their own interpretation of the American motorcycle. The term “cruiser” came to define the American styled machine. In 1986 Suzuki launched the LS650 Savage, which is what today’s featured bike started life out as before V Custom Cycles took it by surprise. A 30hp single overhead cam, single cylinder, air cooled engine fitted in a Sportster look-a-like motorcycle, the Savage even has belt-drive ala Harley. Except for the change to a five speed gearbox in 1993 and a name change to the far less exciting Boulevard S40 in 2005, the Savage has remained virtually unchanged and is still currently in production.


Worldwide customisers have found the Savage to be a cost effective platform to build a variety of custom motorcycles. There is even a kit available to convert this Japanese made, American styled belt-drive cruiser into a chain-drive ’60s British styled cafe racer!



Mark, the owner of this Savage, has gone for a no frills bobber with awesome 23 inch wheels, a custom made hard-tail rear end and chain-drive. All work was executed by the gifted hands at V Custom Cycles