Apart from selling  parts and accessories Old Skool Trading also deals in 2nd hand motorcycles. I found this neglected Honda CB500 in Uitenhage PE. The massive modified Moto Guzzi twin leading front wheel, bored our jets(methanol) suggests and a couple of other period correct racing mods suggests that this Honda spent a fair amount of time going around the track. Where it retired standing in a damp warehouse for years forgotten and rusting away.


I loaded the Honda and brought it up to Pretoria where I would find the right buyer to breath a 2nd life back into her. After advertising for a couple of weeks, a interested lady came to to look at the Honda. I asked her what her plans was and who would be building this for her? She said that she had no idea and that she use to race a 450 Honda in her younger days back in the U.S.
At that stage my current project was standing due to shortage in funds. Itching to build another custom motorcycle, I offered to build this one labour free. Perries motorcycles in Pretoria helped us to fire her up, all it needed was an engine flush, oil change and carb rebuild. Without a puff of smoke or misfire this is an testament to Honda’s engineering.
I tried to save as many of the original parts as possible, the ones that we could not save was replaced, updated and simplified. LED bar-end indicators, new switches and modern Acewell digital speedometer were some of the updates.
Kyle from The Workshop helped out with seat and his father Garth with the paintwork. The hubs was polished and rims powder-coated white finished off with new tires. Each bearing, brake lining, cable and wearing part replaced. New lighting, handlebars, controls and exhaust megaphones. Old headers wrapped in white header tape.
Most of the original parts polished, replated, painted and powder-coated. Some traces suggesting this Honda CB500 four had a rough life remains. Back on the road, saved and bringing joy to the new owner, it was worth all in the end!