Steed Bobber

This feature showcases a classy Honda Steed custom. However, before we take a closer look at her, I would like to talk about Harley Davidson 2014 and beyond. There may seem to be nothing special in common between a Honda Steed 600 and a new top of the range 2014 Harley tourer or trike but

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Suzuki Inazuma Cafe Racer

Modern motorcyclists have an ever increasing range of different types of motorcycles  from which to choose. Superbikes, tourers, adventure bikes and everything in between are built with a specific type of riding purpose in mind. This was not always the case. From 1970 until the mid 1980s the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers established a basic standard

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Matchless G12 650cc

Retro Write Up generally features motorcycles which have been modified and customised, sometimes beyond recognition. This blog was created to show off South African customisers' creativity and ingenuity to the world. We have however often mentioned that we also feel passionate about the preservation of classic motorcycles.It is an art to maintain an old motorcycle

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Triumph Speedmaster

The USA has always been an important market for British, European and Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. The size of the motorcycling population in America would only be ignored by the most short sighted of marketers. Breaking into the American market is tough. Americans are patriotic and will always look at buying their homegrown products first. They

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Honda CB400N

I don't mind being wrong when I make an incorrect prediction about something of which I don't have great knowledge or have no real interest. If I say it will not rain and it does or if I say the Bulls will win and they lose; these incorrect forecasts leave me unaffected. However I take

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Wildebeest Industrial Racer

In the world of custom motorcycles, there are builders who are innovators and there are builders who are creators. The innovators take an existing donor motorcycle and work their magic to transform the motorcycle into a custom motorcycle. The creators are a smaller group and they seek to build a motorcycle from scratch. They try

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Triumph Thruxton

Thruxton, a Royal Air Force base built in 1940 in England, became a racing circuit in the 1950s. When Triumph launched their own cafe racer version of the new Bonneville in 2004, Triumph's marketing material stated that they named it a Thruxton to commemorate Triumph's first, second and third place in the 1969 Thruxton 500

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