In the world of custom motorcycles, there are builders who are innovators and there are builders who are creators. The innovators take an existing donor motorcycle and work their magic to transform the motorcycle into a custom motorcycle. The creators are a smaller group and they seek to build a motorcycle from scratch. They try to create their own frames, braking and suspension systems as well as all the components which their imagination requires to complete the project.


Creators are the people who push the boundaries of design. Their concepts are not always practical and the motorcycles they build are unconventional. Because their motorcycles are such a personal expression, conflict of opinion over the motorcycle is never far away. If a standard motorcycle is a still life painting, a creator’s motorcycle is a Picasso.




Constant van der Colff is a custom motorcycle creator from Pretoria. The Wildebeest range of motorcycles is a product of his imagination. The wildebeest, or gnu, is the animal which opitimises the African plains. They are rugged, tough and unique looking antelope. Con’s motorcycles are similar to their namesake.


Our featured Wildebeest uses a big twin Harley engine. Just about everything else on this mechanical marvel is unique. Even the front and rear suspension are products of Con’s technical creativity.


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