We have been threatening for almost 3 years to feature Louis Ferrara’s rat BMW R90/6. Louis and his wife owns a design company called Inkgesteld. Louis is also passionate about motorcycles, especially classic airheads. Looking for a donor project, he managed to find an incomplete non-running BMW R90. Knowing how hard it is to find parts he decided to make most of the parts himself.


This was his first attempt in building a custom motorcycle. The tank and tail piece was all hand fabricated by Louis. The gauges sit in between the split tanks that is  fastened onto the frame by  the use of leather straps.


The tail light is positioned behind the drilled section of the tail piece. The rear end has been hard tailed and the seat sits on spring to soak up the bumps.


Rat motorcycles and cars have been upsetting purists since day one. With no guidelines on how things should be done Louis used whatever was available and adapted it accordingly. Conventional mirrors were used and modified to be used as bar end mirrors.


Bare metal bodywork with slight rust, un-matching tires, bicycle tape for grips, open fish tails exhausts and exposed bright orange battery should be enough to get the purists talking.