After being dormant for three months, we are happy to be back with our regular weekly articles about our South African flavoured custom motorcycle creations. Our blog’s resurgence is made possible by the generous sponsorship of Caiman Urban n Dirt. Their assistance also means more frequent CROSA and Retro Write Up events. They kindly sponsored the R1500 Old Skool Trading voucher as a prize for last week’s CROSA event. Welcome aboard  Caiman and thank you for tying your passion in with our passion.


Caiman Urban n Dirt is possibly a new name to many ears, as they are a relative newcomer to the custom motorcycle scene. A Caiman is a South American cousin of the alligator and crocodile. This rugged name gives a fair indication of the type of motorcycle customs we can expect to see emerge from their extensive Randburg workshop facilities. Their urban products are rugged on/offroad motorcycle based urban assault motorcycles as well as a range of café racers. Owner, Walter Stander is very clear in his vision that their café racers will be fast ones that you can race! He believes that if it looks fast it should be able to perform too. Their builds involve a complete mechanical overhaul and attention to suspension and handling aspects. Caiman has a growing stock of donor motorcycles which is already in excess of forty motorcycles. The intention is to do a production run of particular custom models, such as the Honda CB750, of which several specimens are currently on their benches. This would give them brand identity similar to Deus Ex Machina.


When it comes to the dirt, Caiman Urban n Dirt focus on servicing, repairing and race preparing modern offroad motorcycles. They also have the passion and expertise to work on BMWs, especially the GS series. Recently they commissioned renowned BMW Motorad designer Sylvain Berneron, also known as Holographic Hammer, to develop drawings for their GS based custom to be known as the Urban Pony. We are really looking forward to seeing the first Pony on our roads.


We will obviously keep you updated as the Caiman Urban n Dirt custom motorcycles are produced. They are based at 106 Oxford Street Randburg and can be reached on 073 683 1234. If you are itching for a custom motorcycle but working with your hands is limited to scratching the itch, give them a shout.Tell them we sent you.