It is rather ironic that a custom Honda be the first motorcycle we feature built by Kyle Harvey. Twenty eight year old Kyle is the owner of  “The Workshop” in Edenvale, and is a specialist repairer and restorer of classic British motorcycles. His skills are in great demand at a time when a younger generation of enthusiasts are discovering the joy of owning and riding an older British motorcycle. Kyle is a toolmaker by trade and this skill is reflected in the precision of his workmanship. His interest and knowledge of British motorcycles is largely due to his father Garth’s passion for the Brit iron. Kyle’s favourite British makes are the AMC machines from AJS, BSA, Norton and Matchless.


This Honda 400T or Hawk, as it was more commonly known  in South Africa, was a very popular seller in the late 1970s. The Hawk served very well as a daily commuter. A willing four stroke 400cc twin provided the power for this comfortable machine. This was the first Honda to be fitted with the Comstar rims which became standard on most of Honda’s larger capacity models.








Technical data:

Machined down top tree clamp.

Yamaha spoke wheels

Acewell Electronic speedo

One off 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust system by Kyle

Paint by Garth Harvey