Last December, Joe, Leeroy and I decided that it was time to head out of town, ride motorcycles, explore new roads, clear our minds and rough it up a bit. We wanted to create an experience of a traditional motorcycle run similar to the US Gypsy Run. A traditional run is focused away from the typical “major rally’s” and is geared more toward riding, camping and a good time with friends.


I started the trip off by picking up Hein’s old, and my new Bonneville. Strapping only the bare necessities to our machines, we were off. As far as getting to Sabie it was pretty much smooth sailing, and by sailing I mean rain.. lots and lots of rain! Riding with open face helmets, all three of us brought along our trusty bubble shields. Little did we know how much of an impact the bubble shields would have on us and the ride.

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After a very long and grueling day we finally arrived, at a riverside camp in Sabie where we pitched our tents and called it a day.

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The next day we jumped on our motorcycles riding between 350-400 kilometres. Stopping for the occasional snack, coffee, cool beverage, refuelling and enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Riding through Nelspruit, White River, Graskop and surrounding areas. This continued for the next 3 days.

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While we were on the trip we realized we had something quite special there in Sabie, and we wanted to share this with others by making it an annual event. What stuck out most about the run was the saving grace of our ‘bubble shields.’ Without the bubble shields it would have been quite miserable riding in the rain so thus came the naming of what will be known as the “Bubble Run.” Like it or not, there will be rain and your bubble shield will be there to make it easier on you.


The 2015 “Bubble Run” will take place this year from December 16-20 again in Sabie. Remember this, the main rule of the run is what you cannot strap to your motorcycle, stays behind.

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For sponsoring or more details about the BUBBLE RUN please contact us at:

Joe Fleming-

Marnitz Venter

Also keep an eye open for the Bubble Run’s official website.