Colin and I have been slacking with our duties on Retro Write Up for almost a year and a half.  Colin became a father of another little one. Between baby Jade, his three year old boy Brain and his teenage son Wesley he has had very little time to write any articles. I was busy recovering, quitted my full time job and have been trying to run my own business full time. Other than Old Skool Trading my silent business partner and I have been trying to revive Lafe Helmets (will keep you updated on Lafe).


Other than that we almost took RWU down completely due the poor local support from our readers. We hope to receive more support and feedback from you in the future. We are also looking for financial aid, like most things nothing is free and it costs money to maintain a blog and post regular articles.


That being said, we freshened RWU slightly with the idea that this will be a new chapter for our readers. Although it’s fun writing about custom motorcycles, we find it tiring featuring the same ol custom motorcycles. We want to focus more on the lifestyle and interesting people who are involved with the motorcycle culture. Before you start panicking, we will still feature the odd custom bike every now and then if we feel it is interesting enough. We will also be hosting the Speed Week Challenge again this year, I am currently busy prepping the BSA to achieve my 100 mph target.

Moving forward, Tim Romans, Leeroy (also known as Black Tulip) and Kevin Sutherland will be helping out in contributing more content.

Tim is a classic Honda know it all, extremely busy with the Classic Motorcycle Club and also writes articles for the Master Link.


Kevin is a professional freelance photographer with a huge passion for custom motorcycles, spends time riding his Streetbob, hanging out at Louwrence’s shop(L.J. Miller Eng.) and drinking beer.


I met Leeroy at Speedweek , one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. He enjoys the hotrod/rockabilly culture and is a film/production specialist.


We will do a full introduction on all three gentleman in the near future.

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