Last year November I was fortunate enough to be invited by the Vesparados SC to join them on a ride. Bonzet offered me his Vespa PX150 and not thinking too long about it, I decided to join them. The plan was to ride from Joburg to Potchefstroom, turn the small town upside down and come back the next day.


This was only my second time on a Vespa. Not being very familiar with them I quickly learned the disadvantages of riding a classic scooter. These little 150cc-250cc machines are capable of cruising between 70-80km/h. So highways were off limits and we had to take longer, alternative scenic routes. Their small wheels equals less centrifugal force, making them unstable with cross winds and you have to watch the road more carefully for those not so big potholes that could swallow those small wheels.


Twenty to thirty of us left Joburg, halfway to Vereeniging the heavens opened. We rode in the pouring rain for a good 50 kilometres, might not sound like much but with traffic passing you it was not the most comforting experience. Eventually the Sun came out and we were surrounded by beautiful country side. Stopping at a couple of pubs on the way, the riding became easier and faster. We eventually met up with Bonzet and a couple of other guys just outside of Potch, had some more rain, more beers and we finally made it to Potchefstroom.


Gerard is the president for the Joburg Vesparados Scooter Club. We have featured some of Gerard’s Vespa’s in the past( SS180, Rally 180, Mods GS160). Minimum criteria of becoming a Vesparado would be to own a Classic Vespa. They do not allow any plastic scooters. Often you will see the Lambretta Scooter Club riding with them. If you had to ask Gerard what he would choose to ride down to Durban, he would probably say his orange Vespa Rally even though he owns a modern Triumph Thruxton.


After a heavy night of pub crawling, we kicked the day off with a big breakfast. Riding back we took the alternative roads through Parys. On our way we had one or three small breakdowns, most of them could be fixed next to the road.


It was great pleasure riding and spending tme with the Veparados. Gone are the days that I thought Scooters are for ladies and softies. To those that still think so I challenge you to go for a long ride with the Vesparados on a scooter and then we will see who makes the vagina jokes.