We had the opportunity to meet up with Rob Godwin from Performance welding. He is known as one of the best specialist welders in South Africa. His workshop is situated just off Snake road in Benoni.


Rob Godwin is known for reproducing Norton Manx frames also known as Norton featherbed frames. When it comes to racing, he is extremely knowledgeable. His frames are extremely well made and are a favourite amongst the locals when it comes to building a Triton, whether it’s for racing or show.


Upstairs he has an assembly, hangout area where he also stores some of his rare classic two stroke motorcycles. He can build aluminium tanks from scratch, weld casings, build stainless steel exhaust systems and help with any form of fabricating.



We featured one of the Tritons that he built a couple of years ago that weighed a mere 145kg.


He is also focusing on turning Sportsters into lean traditional racers.