When it comes to the choice of what type of motorcycle to ride, there is a large group of owners who do believe that bigger is better and that more means more. Our featured Triumph Rocket III muscle bike must be just about the ultimate ride for those of us who believe that size is the only thing that counts.


When Triumph launched its Rocket III model ten years ago, it was aimed at the large US of A cruiser market. This mighty 2300cc three cylinder engine powered shaft driven giant of a cruiser has not done as well as Triumph would have anticipated and has not achieved what this awesome motorcycle deserves in the difficult, patriotic and conservative American market. It has however gained ever increasing support from the international muscle bike fraternity. Let us face it, any motorcycle which can make its standard 240mm wide rear tyre look average has to be impressive! In standard trim the Rocket III Roadster produces an effortless 146 hp and an impressive 221 Nm of torque at just 2500rpm; perfect for top gear cruising all day long. Our featured motorcycle makes these figures look puny!


Theunis and the gang at Triumph Centurion took this brand new Triumph Rocket III Roadster by surprise. This normally aspirated brute now produces over 270 rear wheel hp and a mind blowing 310 Nm of torque. No turbocharging or nitrous were installed as the motorcycle is still built to be rideable and reliable. This is how they did it. The cylinder head was sent to the legendary Carpenter Racing porting experts in New Jersey for them to work their magic. They CNC ported the cylinder head, installed titanium valves, custom titanium double valve springs, 12 custom shim-under tappets and titanium retainers. Carpenter Racing remapped the ecu using Tuneboy to their own secret recipe which raises the rev ceiling from 5800 rpm to over 9000 rpm. The head and ecu were then returned to Centurion together with custom forged domed semi-slipper aluminium pistons which increase compression from 8.7:1 up to 11.9:1, slotted adjustable cam sprockets and custom clutch springs all to be used in the reassembly of the engine. A specially ground cam, prepared by Centurion Triumph, was installed as well as a high pressure fuel pump. When reassembled and reinstalled the engine fired on the first push of the starter. Zard made this full, completely unbaffled exhaust system as a once off for Theunis ensuring that the back pressure is exactly the same on each cylinder…no short cuts technically or financially were taken when it came to producing maximum performance.


The original gauges have been cleverly reinstalled on the left of the motorcycle in front of the rider’s knee. This feature, together with the badass red BMC filters, is my favourite cosmetic modification on this motorcycle. The matt black and yellow paint work was applied by Rudi from Kicker Paintworx.


Theunis was a well known Triumph Speed Triple  stunt rider. These influences can be seen on this Rocket III. The ProTaper MX handlebars and flat front number board are typical of what we see on a stunt motorcycle. The two very effective LED spotlights are Triumph Explorer accessories, as are the footpegs. The bar end mirrors are also Triumph accessories. The rear mudguard has been chopped and remounted. The small custom indicators are almost invisible on such a large motorcycle but do the job when flashing.


This is the Schwarzenegger of muscle bikes. It is one of the meanest and loudest sounding, performing and looking motorcycles you will ever see on a South African road. It can be yours for just under R400 000,00. If you think that sounds expensive and you really want this motorcycle, pop  into Triumph Centurion and ask Theunis to start her up and blip the throttle. The price will then probably seem completely reasonable.